Helsingin Pörssiklubi - The club history

The club history

Helsinki’s leading businessmen established Helsinki Bourse Club in 1910. Its original goal was to begin stock exchange activities and to build a house for the stock exchange. This goal was reached when the building stood ready on February 10th, 1912. The Helsinki Bourse Club started operations at about the same time.

For more than nine decades, the Club members have been able to socialise in a confidential atmosphere, gather together for lunches, dinners and festivities, and discuss matters relating to the stock exchange, business life and society.

The interior of the Club was imported from England where the gentlemen’s club institution had existed since mid-17th century. The atmosphere of the Club is unique, as a whole and in its details.

Members can spend their time comfortably in an exclusive, historical environment while using the club’s modern information technology to follow up on business news, trends and analyses.

Ever since its first days, the Club has brought together people who share an interest in business and economy and who participate in these activities. That is why the Bourse Club
has clearly business characteristics. Its members, however, traditionally include a large number of people from the academic and political circles.

Its honorary members, including such important names in Finnish society as Axel Ehrnrooth, Victor Ek, C. G. Mannerheim, Alfred Norrmén, J. K. Paasikivi, Risto Ryti, Lars Sonck and P. E. Svinhufvud, manifest the significance of the Club.

Bourse Club's armorial bearings
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