The Club Premises

The Bourse Club has been operating at the same premises since its start in 1912.
The Club premises, and the interior that was ordered from England at the time, have mostly remained the same, but they have continuously been restored through the years.

The Club premises are unique in many ways. The foyer, dining room, library, billiard hall, and the private rooms are all pearls with their own unique features. All the rooms have one thing in common—a cozy and dignified club spirit.

All the Club premises are equipped with wifi and modern meeting technology.

The Club’s various spaces and the amount of guests that can be seated in each room are clearly shown on the floor plan.

With our 3D-programme, you can take an interesting tour around the Club: <!– here. –>


The Dining Room

The cozy dining room seats up to 170 guests.

The dining room is the heart of The Club, and it is also suitable for bigger events, such as wedding or birthday receptions, as well as for various business needs, breakfast seminars, and cocktail receptions.

The elegant dining room with its classical place setting comes into its own at all times, both in the day and at dinner time.

Private Dining Rooms

1.       The Board Room

The board room seats a maximum of 22 people but is best suited for 4 to 18 people.

2.       The Card Room

There is room for up to 18 people around the oval table in the card room. However, the table can easily be transformed into a round table for 4 to 10 people.

3.       The Small Room

The small room, or the “Green room” as it is also called by the oldest Club members, is the smallest and most intimate room of The Club. This room is best suited for parties of 2 to 8 people.

4.       The Billiard Room

As the name indicates, the billiard room is in the billiard hall. This space is well-suited for cocktail receptions for up to 30 people or for lunches, dinners, or meetings for 12 people, in which case the third billiard table is covered with a glass plate and set as an elegant meal table.

5.       The Hall Room

The dining hall can be divided so that private parties can be held using only a third of the room. In this space, we can set a long table for 20 guests or place a maximum of 42 guests at four different tables.

The Foyer

In the foyer, The Club staff welcomes the guests. Here you will find the bar, where you can enjoy, for example, the Club’s own beer, Malmgård Club Dinkel.  The bar is The Club’s meeting point; this is where you can announce your arrival, make payments, book a table or a private room, and have a drink while you wait for your guests or your club brothers. There are also comfortable leather armchairs in the foyer, where you can relax before lunch or dinner. In connection with dinner, the foyer can easily be transformed into a dance floor with room for a band.

The Library

In the library, the club members meet before lunch to enjoy a glass of sherry, engage in discussions, or read the main news in that day’s newspapers.  There is a computer and a printer at your disposal. The books in the library can be borrowed by members, in which case the loan information is written in the loan book. At present, there are approximately 1400 books in the library, and most of them have been donated by Club members.

The Billiard Hall

The Club’s billiard group gathers in the billiard hall on Club nights on Thursdays. There are three tables in the billiard hall which offer larger groups the possibility to play different forms of billiards. Contests are held once a month, and the player-of-the-year is crowned at the “Ham Cup” in December.

The Balcony

There is a spectacular view over the inner courtyard from the balcony. With its lounging furniture, the balcony serves as an excellent extension of the bar. This is also a space where you can freely use your phone.

The Cigar Room

The Club also has a small cigar room on the balcony, where you can enjoy a “Cuban” after a delicious lunch or dinner.

The members meet in the library before lunch or dinner.

The Small Cabinet is one of our five meeting rooms.

A club without a billiard hall is not a club.